Miami Fleet Maintenance

Miami Auto Repair Shop also offers individuals with Fleet Maintenance services, which will enable you to manage your business transactions in a simplified manner.

For instance, Miami Auto Repair Shop’s Fleet Maintenance offers the following convenient services for you:

Account manager:

You will receive an assigned Miami Auto Repair Shop team member to your account, so that you are provided with business support when you mostly need it by someone who is familiar to you already and recognizes your business needs.

Secure Transactions:

With Miami Fleet Maintenance you will get verification of automobiles and drivers’ data before service is conducted to ensure secure transactions.

Purchase Control:

You will remain in control of all transactions and/or purchases, as you will be in total control of your Fleet Maintenance by specifying services, restrictions and purchase limits.

Consolidated Billing:

To avoid confusion, you will receive an invoice per month, which will summarize all the services performed and provided on your Fleet.

As you can see, Miami Auto Repair Shop has an adequate and organized Fleet Maintenance service that you can surely benefit from.

Contact Miami Auto Repair Shop today and acquire more details about Miami Fleet Maintenance.