Special service

Each car has their own set of features and configurations making it important to provide the right amount of car and attention to them. Here at Miami Auto Repair Shop we bring to the table handy special service to our customers giving them an extra incentive to come to our shop as often as they like.

Customers today can take advantage the wide range of service we provide on a regular day to day basis. For new car models, computer diagnosis is most as this can oftentimes encounter glitches and other functionality problems on your vehicle. Our team at Miami Auto Repair Shop is more than happy to provide complete computer diagnosis to see if your car is running in tip top shape.

For a thorough experience, we advise our customers to make use of our complete safety analysis service. This special service includes our team running a safety check on their vehicles which include checking the brake fluid, electrical systems, engine and transmission, radiator, suspension, tires and as well as the vehicle lamp.
After the assessment, clients will be given an overview on the overall status of their vehicle. Here customers will be provided with timely and effective solutions for their vehicle problems. This include special service such as auto tune up, oil changes, tire replacement, brake repair, mufflers and exhaust repairs, proper wheel alignment, fuel system services, coolant systems, emission repair, air conditioning services, electrical systems repair and many more. All of these can be applied and scheduled in advance.

Here at Miami Auto Repair Shop we value the time our customers spend with us. To make our services more accessible to the public, we have decided to setup and integrate our services over the internet. This allows just about anyone to setup an appointment at any given time when the need calls for them to do so at the comfort of their very own homes or offices. We also encourage customers to schedule an appointment to ensure that their needs will be accommodated right away upon their visit to our shop.

Vehicles do require special attention in order to perform at their optimum levels. Our team at Miami Auto Repair Shop is able simplify and streamline the maintenance process with the services that we are providing. You can leave your car under the caring hands of our professional staff and return to them once it’s done. Visit us today!